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Dear CEO's, COOs, CFOs, GMs, HR Pros:

The next wave in HR is for smart companies to provide innovative systems to grant increased job satisfaction for their employees, to boost retention and performance. The current challenges for HR include absenteeism, sick days, high turnover and negative workplace attitudes - you know these all too well.

What if there were a realistic way to increase your employees’ productivity by >10-20% overall? You would be a superhero, right?

You likely have been reading ever more articles about the payoff from providing life-coaching to employees, from successful companies like: Facebook, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Capital One, Square, Logitech, Buffalo Wild Wings, Zappos and many more.


As you know, workers are measurably more productive when they are happier, healthier and enjoy better relationships. That’s exactly what we can do for your company.

My name is Marcus Geier, Master Mindset Strategist, and I am a proven expert life and business coach. I’d like my company to work directly with your company as your employees’ coach, to boost the happiness, satisfaction, enthusiasm, health and overall quality of life for your workers to make them more productive, loyal, and to significantly reduce absenteeism, sick days, and turnover. Shifting the workplace mindset, with the right strategies, creates healthier and more positive employees, in turn, creating a more successful business.

ROI on life coaching is said to be higher than that from many other investments into the people who work at a company.” []

Please contact me now for a conversation to explore how we may work together. 

I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to speak with you soon! 

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