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A sampling of the 750+ testimonials collected.

"Marcus, you are absolutely extraordinary!! You exponentially exceed any expectations I ever have on any call. If I listen I always get results. For example your coaching on my newsletter I feel directly translated into 9 gigs across Canada and 1 in Sochi Russia when we discussed pain points and easy call to action. So unbelievable blown away every time we speak!"

Tracy S


"I just finished another session with coach Marcus Geier: I have so much fun working with him!

Not only is he a genius in marketing, but he has this extraordinary way to get into my head and heart: it is simply wonderful! Today, he helped me make major advancements as far as my marketing message and my website. In fact, a few hours after our call was finished, I was able to give a total refresh to my website: new look, new message, new feel... just fantastic!

Marcus is so incredibly smart when it comes to sharing ideas and words to match a message. He also has this incredible way to help me get more clarity as per the WHO and WHAT --- then he inspires some words. Marcus is a marketing wizard - and he offers his gift with his whole heart! I love working with him and would recommend his services to everyone !"

Stéphanie R


"Marcus is a Real Estate and business savant.  This is mixed with a level of creativity that allows him to see past challenges and be able to come up with solutions to make deals happen that others miss.  I regularly ask him questions about my own business and Real Estate transactions to ensure I’m covered given his unique perspective."

Eugene G.


"Hi Marcus,

Just wanted to let you know that this coaching session was the BEST coaching session I ever had.

You have just moved my project forward by at least 2 months!

The range of your knowledge, your insights and your wisdom has blown my mind!  Thank you Marcus!"

Johan H.


I am hugely proud to share that my company PR Expert has won a Global World Award for Excellence in PR! A South African PR company has never won before so it is a big deal for my industry and my business.

I would like to thank Marcus Geier.  Marcus helped me with his process to get rid of limiting beliefs that were holding me back from a motivation level perspective, which literally transformed my life in a week!  I have also doubled my monthly turnover in the last two months after sticking to the planning and focus work that we did! 

Janine L.


"Marcus was able to offer me clarity of vision and help me to get unstuck as to where I wanted to go.  He helped to break it into baby steps so I feel it can be achieved and not an improbable vision.  Marcus has a great way of explaining things to me so that I can understand just what the action steps have to be.

He has allowed me to talk about my frustrations and uncertainness without making me feel stupid or ashamed.  Thank you Marcus! "

Jackie H.


"Hi Marcus,  I just want to tell you that my talks to you are not only highly inspirational but also a call to action on my business, for which you provide me with a solid plan and a roadmap to follow. I also enjoy the fact that you are able to share some of your personal stories and experiences which motivate me, my wife and son to improve our relationship and lives. You are a great man and an amazing coach. Thank you very much and I look forward to our next talk.  Much love,"



"Hi Marcus,  We just wanted to take a minute to send you a BIG thank-you for the call you did for us on very short notice.  After landing a significant investor at Family Reunion, we felt like a deer in the headlights on how to manage the complexity of this new relationship.  The explanation of your funding model was eye opening.  It combined a few things ere already doing but turned it on its head in such a logical, concise way. WOW.


This single call has moved us forward more than all our previous calls with our other coaches combined!  Looking forward to our next call,"


Matthew & Nadia F.


"Hi Marcus, Since our call on Friday I have re-listened to the recording to make some notes and I have to say “WOW”.  Thank you for your guidance, it really was an excellent motivational and educational discussion, with so much content.  Apologies for asking so many questions but again thank you for answering them so comprehensively.  We have also watched your Strategic Marketing webinar which again is absolutely excellent and so relevant to our current business activities. Last year we were beginning to question our investment in coaching but since switching to you, we feel we are receiving truly motivational and inspiring material. Thank you!  We look forward to taking our businesses forward with you and will be in contact soon.  Best regards,"​

Paul & Christine B.

North Yorkshire

"Thank you, Marcus, your coaching gave me exactly what I needed."

Susan B.


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"I have just finished my coaching session with Marcus and I must say with all honesty that out of all the coaching I have had with my different coaches, this is the most valuable so far. I had some extremely important negotiations and decisions to make this week regarding a new partnership/business and Marcus provided very clear techniques, opinions and knowledge on how to deal with these. He also went through my business documents and promotional script and storyboards. I was surprised how creative Marcus could be in the coaching and I appreciate his new ideas. He also emphasised the power of my intuition, which I find an enriching addition to the business topics."

Maxine B-C


"Hi Marcus,  Wow! What a coaching session.  I just wanted to write to thank you for a truly outstanding session, the best one yet.  You have truly surpassed our expectations once again, and they were high already!  Thank you for your honest feedback and spending the extra time (over 1.5 hours!!)  we needed at this critical stage to solve some business challenges we’re having and also provide some invaluable mindset material.  I feel this session was a real game changer for us!  Thank you once again!!"

Dr. John V. & Mark S.

Newcastle, UK

"Hi Marcus,

I wanted to express my sincere thanks for all the ideas and encouragement you've given me since I came onboard.  From our initial session, you've always made me comfortable and always give me mindset tips that uplifts me when am at my lowest (especially today's session). You simply know the right words to say and give guidance when needed. I believe you give more of yourself in these sessions and it shows your compassion and love for what you do. I'm so grateful to you. I know with your help I'll surpass all my goals. Thanks again for everything, it's very much appreciated.  I look forward to receiving the mindset recordings.  Have a great weekend!"

Gillian B


"Coach Marcus has helped us to completely revamp our website and change the wording so that it would convert better and bring in more new patients.   Yesterday, we had 5 new patients call in and I am really excited about the changes!  I am looking forward to his help with our Facebook ads as well. Thank you, coach Marcus!"

Dr. Inge A.


"Dear Marcus,  Thank you again for our talk today. I am really grateful for your time and great advice. Very refreshing!!  Marcus, I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!  What a mind-blowing session we just had over the phone.  You are a wise and an intelligent man, really appreciate your support and great coaching. All the best to you. Best regards,"


Harald U.


"HI Marcus,  Thank you for our call today.  You were phenomenal.  We learned a great deal and appreciated the plethora of information you bestowed on us. I love the homework and am transcribing my 6 pages of notes.  I look forward to our next call."


Esateys S.

Vancouver, WA

I first spoke about business to Coach Marcus when I had an emergency situation regarding some of my marketing materials.  His ideas and insights were impressive, and his knowledge enormous!  He gives me the support I need to take the next step.  He is also very easy going, non-judging, fun, and most of all motivating. Coach Marcus makes me believe in myself. I am looking forward to our next business brainstorming sessions!  

Wishing you a great time in Mexico!!  Warmly,  

Vaska K.


"Dear Marcus,  YES TOTALLY thank you very much for the coaching session! It was GREAT - really mind-blowing!!!  We really found a light at the end of the tunnel and a concrete way to move forward!! You truly have a great ability to tackle and provide precise guidance!  We TRULY thank you very much!!  Best regards,"

[2nd session]

"Hi Coach Markus,  Thank you Endlessly!!!  Thank you for providing so much value and for helping us to see how to tackle peoples pain points and reasons why they should come to our "event" to how important the look and feel of the website is!!! All these things we didn't see until you pointed it out to us. Thank you very much!!  You are a marketing genius and an inspiration!!!   Thank you so much coach Markus!!! Truly appreciate your support and guidance!!! Wishing you a fabulous day!!! Thank you for making ours!!"

Cedric & Valeria V.


"Hi Marcus,  OMG, what a great presentation! [my Strategic Marketing Webinar] It blowed my mind out in space.  I can now understand big time what it is all about.  And you know what, it is simple and logical, but still it takes someone like you to in a very structured way tell what marketing and business is all about. Thank you big time!  I put my earplugs on and went for a walk to a great place to listen to your presentation, think and write.  A place above where we live at the Zurich lake in Switzerland.  Now I can start with the business proposal/plan :-)  All the best,"

Anders E.


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