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Why Choose Marcus...

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Top notch professional and business coach, Marcus quickly reveals the best solutions to clients' challenges, by using a powerful blend of logic, intuition, wisdom, experience and unparalleled common sense. Resolving underlying blocks to success allows for creative genius to flow, and Marcus is a Master at getting you there!

Marcus was Chief Strategic Business Analyst and in-house coach at The JT Foxx Organization (world's premiere business coaching organization), until recently, where he conducted focused coaching sessions for clients in 47 countries.  He completed well over 3,300 coaching sessions with a 98.7% WOW rate, an average score of 9.8/10, and a zero dissatisfaction rate.  His specialty areas include Strategic (CEO) Marketing, Strategic Thinking & Planning, Creative Strategic Ideas, Business Plans, and most importantly - Mindset.

Marcus was a university professor and has taught over 357 business classes 
(5,000+ students) during the past 13 years on subjects including:


  • Research and Evaluation I & II (Statistics),

  • Quantitative Reasoning For Business (MBA),

  • Strategic Planning & Implementation (MBA-Capstone),

  • Marketing (MBA),

  • Public Relations,

  • Organizational Ethics & Social Responsibility,

  • Organizational Negotiations,

  • Critical & Creative Thinking: Strategies In Decision Making,

  • Organizational Behavior and Ethical Responsibility,

  • Management: Theory, Practice & Application,

  • Corporate Culture and Organizational Climate,

  • Buyer Behavior.


He has also co-facilitated at numerous experiential, self-transformational workshops and seminars.

His career has included many years of:


  • commercial real estate appraisal

  • business valuation studies

  • economic analyses (macro and micro)

  • business analyses (existing and proposed)

  • highest and best use analyses

  • lawsuit economic documentation

  • financial analyses

  • consulting extensively to the Resolution Trust Company in regards to valuation and disposition of assets from failed Savings and Loans

  • real estate investment - including flips, wholesaling, renovations, buy + hold

  • equities day-trading (including A.I. system creation and development)

  • hedge fund management

  • held titles of CEO, COO, CFO, Marketing Director, PR Director


Marcus' degrees include a B.A. from Principia College in Marine Biology with a Business minor, as well as an MBA from Florida Institute of Technology, and the complete Ph.D.-level studies in real property valuation, finance, economic studies, quantitative analysis - the entire MAI program from The Appraisal Institute in Chicago, IL.

He is currently based in  ATLANTA, Georgia. Marcus also offers classes and experiential playshops with a Metaphysical focus, with his wife and business partner, Silvia Pancaro, AKA MoonCoach™. Find out about Silvia here: And their joint teaching ventures here:, because timing is everything!


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