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B2B Sales Wizard

I'm looking for a B2B sales wizard who wants to create a HUGE, extra, passive-income stream, on the side.  If you have solid contacts and relationships with key decision-makers in small to medium-sized companies, it is NOW time to jump at this opportunity to earn an ever-increasing and huge passive income from the results of your efforts.  Expected retirement in about 3 years!

Job Characteristics...

  • Part-time -  flexible schedule - start in your spare time, doing what you're already doing.  this is an add-on.

  • Work from anywhere

  • Passive income - truly unlimited profits  (est: $15,700/MONTH by the end of the 1st year = your share, 10X that by end of Year 2, 10X that by end of Year 3, then sell)

  • Proven business model

  • Simple business plan

  • Easily scalable

  • Provides a wonderful service to humanity (and companies)

  • The successful candidate will earn a substantial monthly passive income from each client that (s)he is instrumental in bringing and closing for as long as client company remains a client.

  • After 1 year, given positive results, you could earn some equity!

What I Need From You ...

  • Savvy experience and track record selling B2B - small-medium sized businesses

  • 100% loyalty & integrity

  • A burning desire for success & to retire in 3 years

  • Super-optimist, positive attitude, ego-free

  • Willingness to blast through your sabotaging beliefs (we'll work together)

  • Commitment to rapid self-improvement

  • USA based

  • Native-quality English speaker

What You'll Get From Me ...

  • Super-optimist, positive attitude

  • 100% loyalty & integrity

  • Top-Rated business and mindset coaching

  • Unlimited creative ideas and opportunities

  • Focus, guidance, direction, accountability, motivation & fun

  • Commitment to rapid self-improvement

  • Strategy

  • Fulfillment and maintenance of the contracts

Target Market ...

  • Small to medium-sized businesses: 15+ employees

  • HR Managers

  • General Managers

  • Managing Owners

Market Trends ...

  • Companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Capital One, Square, Logitech, Buffalo Wild Wings, NutraClick, Zappos and many more are already consuming the same type of service we will provide to smaller companies.

  • It is a largely untapped market at present!

  • We only need a tiny fraction of 1% of market penetration to be wildly successful

  • Profitable from 1st client

You could be...

  • A recruiter/headhunter

  • B2B Insurance salesperson

  • Benefits provider

  • Anyone who sells anything to key decision-makers of small/medium companies

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